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Leadership Development

Kings Point Enterprises
Center for Leadership and Employee Development

Kings Point Enterprises, Inc. (KPE) established the Center for Leadership and Employee Development in response to a growing need for federal agencies to deliver their programs and services more effectively and efficiently.  The Center’s mission, in part, is to collaborate with federal agencies in their efforts to comply with requirements for executive, managerial, supervisory, and employee training. Federal agencies are required to provide training for supervisors and managers by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010. The Act requires training for supervisors and managers (a) within one year of initial appointment; (b) refresher training at least once every three years; and (c) other supervisory and managerial training.  Additionally, federal merit principles provide that employees should be afforded effective education and training when such training will result in enhanced organizational, team and individual performance. The Center for Leadership and Employee Development offers a comprehensive series of human resource management courses that specifically address the developmental needs of leaders and employees at all levels of the organization.

The most important step toward the future is to crystallize your goals.

Kings Point Enterprises, Inc., is a human resources leadership consulting firm specializing in designing training interventions and facilitating learning experiences for organizations and individuals in transition. Our mission is to create strategies and tactics for professional synergy using a broad range of concepts and models responsive to the issues and challenges that are faced in contemporary organizations.


More specifically, our services are targeted toward those organizations, teams, and individuals seeking to enhance organizational productivity through leadership development; and, increase employee empowerment.

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Kings Point draws upon the talents and strengths of highly motivated professionals whose expertise is in areas of organizational behavior, leadership development; organizational and employee development; performance management, coaching and counseling; performance management, dealing with difficult employees and non-performers, multi-generational workplaces, diversity and multiculturalism, and/or leading change.


The goal for all team members is to energize and enable every customer to define or focus on its vision; move positively toward its mission; and remain ever vigilant to take advantages of opportunities for a more productive future.